24 April 2023

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A unique way, our belief, the best way to enjoy the area. The Phong Nha Riders.

The Phong Nha Riders, before Covid disbanded them, were a group of local men, that had stopped hunting and cutting timber to take tourists around the Phong Nha Loop in the PHONG NHA Ke Bang National Park.

They are now available again, and can be booked at the hotel reception. I believe, the Phong Nha Riders to be the best way to see the area. You discuss with our team at Phong Nha Farmstay or Victory Road Villas or which ever hotel you stay at, what sites you’d like to see, around the National Park Loop. The National Park Loop includes riding along the Ho Chi Minh Trails through pristine jungle clad Karst mountain ranges.

We recommend you download the podcast that we’ve made for this purpose. It’s in easy to negotiate chapters, informing you about the sites along the way and the areas amazing history, biology and geology, including the biggest and most spectacular caves in the world.

In traveling with the Phong Nha Riders, you sit on the back and they take you about, and wait for you while you visit each destination. The Phong Nha Riders are on small bikes, that they own. They travel slowly and are experienced in the riding conditions. It’s an exciting, cost effective way to get about, and much safer than renting a scooter and riding yourself, unlicensed. It also provides incomes. Each person that goes out for the day, provides a days income for the riders family and that keeps the men out of the jungle, further protecting the diverse local flora and fauna. Ticks a lot of boxes. Responsible tourism development.

The group in this photo was a large one. Normally you can go alone, at your own pace, seeing what’s important to you. What you are and tested in. The National Park Loop is about 60km, and makes a great day trip, but there is too much, to see and do in one day.

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