Light trekking & family oriented excursions

Discovery National Park Tour

The National Park Tour will give you an overview of the National Park and the popular attractions at a very affordable price. Whilst driving a loop around the National Park, you will stop to see the touristic highlights of the park. Starting with some history and culture at 8 Ladies Cave and the Highway 20 War Martyrs Memorial, in the morning, you then visit the spectacular Paradise Cave where you will have time to take in the scale and beauty of this cave passage. After lunch you take on the challenges of the adventurous and very popular Dark cave.

Phong Nha National Park Tour (Our Pick)

The day starts with the spectacular Paradise Cave, the must see cave in the National Park where you will be amazed by the vast caverns and impressive formations. It is incredible to consider that this is just a short section of the Hang Vom cave system that stretches more than 30km further through the National Park. We stop at the 8 ladies cave and war martyr memorial and spend a few minutes to discover the history and traditions of Vietnam. The real highlight of the day is Hang Tra Ang. This cave was opened to the public in August 2016 and is unspoiled by any development. It is reached by a short walk through the jungle, where you will have a barbecue lunch prepared by the porters before swimming into this cave to explore with a helmet, head torch and lifejacket.

Ma Da Valley 1 day

The Ma Da Valley was opened to tourism in August 2016. This new area of the world heritage Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park includes the Tra Ang cave, Hang Voi and Ma Da Lake. The tour takes in 8km of trekking in the Ma Da Valley in primary jungle, exploring the Vietnamese tropical forest.
The porter team will prepare you a fantastic barbecue lunch that you will enjoy in the jungle with traditional foods. This tour is a great opportunity to get in to the jungle without taking on a major expedition in an area where few tourists have been before. Explore an unspoiled cave, swim in a stunning lake whilst supporting employment for local people.

Ma Da Valley 2 days

This exclusive 2 days 1 night tour starts by taking you on a short trek to Elephant cave. Take time to explore the unique cave formations before heading back out on the trail toward Ma Da lake.
You will then set your campsite for the night while still having plenty f time to swim and refresh yourself in crystal clear water before enjoying a beautiful BBQ dinner. On day 2 after breakfast, you will head to the untouched Tra Ang Cave, where you will enjoy some mouth-watering lunch. Afterward climb over massive sharp rocks before entering this gorgeous river cave where you will swim 600m.

Hai Eco Tour

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The Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park considered one of the best hotspots of biodiversity in the world. It is home to many endemic species – plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet. You will get great insight in to the fauna and flora of the park and learn about conservation from a local expert with many years of experience in the conservation of the area.
View the beautiful scenery of the park in safety on the back of the motorbike of a licensed Vietnamese local rider as you travel between the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre and the Botanic Gardens
After seeing the Wildlife Rescue Centre and its patients and residents, you will take a challenging trek through the tropical forest in the National Park using a “Secret Route” which he soldiers used during the war. Have a barbecue lunch in the entrance of “Weapon Cave”. After the trek you have the option to swim in a natural swimming pool.
See the semi-wild enclosure in the Botanic Gardens, the halfway house for rescued animals before they are released.
This tour is a great way to see what happens in the background of the National Park, will get you up and close with many of the animals that inhabit it, and is a great way to support the local conservation efforts.

Hang Gieng Vooc

Hang Gieng Vooc is located in the ecological restoration of Phong Nha Ke Bang national park. Though the cave itself is pretty short in length, it features dozens of stunning rock formations which come in various types of shape: Straws, stalactites, stalagmites, pillars, cave shawl & shields.

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Ruc Mon Cave Adventure is for those who are seeking for an authentic trekking experience and those looking to explore the fascinating cave formations that are available in this cave. Within a day, you will have an energy filled day and challenge yourselves with perfect combination of outdoor activities such as jungle trekking, biodiversity exploring, stream crossing, caving and swimming!

Enjoy a mouth-watering BBQ lunch with the whole team right in front of the entrance of Ruc Mon Cave.

In this adventure tour, you will actually swim into the cave before starting to hike into the cave; an array of caving diversity and unique formations will be awaiting you after a relaxing swimming journey.

Get off the beaten track and discover the custom and culture of the true Vietnamese countryside and experience the massive chamber below a thousand darting stalactites in Ruc Mon Cave.


The Laven Cave and Dream Fall will be an escape from busy city life to indulge in the stunning nature Phong Nha has to offer. This tour will provide you a combination of outdoor activities that are more suitable for families who would like to have an average jungle trek and also spending a good amount of time in the newly found waterfall, Dream Fall.

This natural waterfall offers a calm and peaceful environment, which will allow you to soak in the nature with the rhythm of the waterfall and the song of the forest.

Laven Cave will take you on a short trek and you will learn the numerous types of unique limestone cave formations that were formed a million years ago; you’ll be surprised how this extraordinary journey will bring you relaxation and calmness at the same time.

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