Our Story

usband and Wife, Ben, Australian and Le Thi Bich, who grew up in the local community, had an epiphany. To start a tourism business in the middle of nowhere. Her family and the rest of the community thought that they were mad. “Who would come and stay in the middle of some rice paddies, nobody comes here, we’ve never see any westerners, you’re wasting your money and your time!” Bich’s families’ reservations were at the time somewhat warranted, as at the time, no one had heard of Phong Nha and even entering the National Park was prohibited. Phong Nha itself didn’t get any foreign tourists, but Ben and Bich believed that if people knew about it, then the area could prosper. Starting from housing people in hammocks at Bichs family home to personally designing and building the Farmstay from scratch, they set out to put Phong Nha on the map. Their initial goal was to aim to create what they would want if they were on holiday in this then remote and still now, beautiful region of northern central Vietnam – Comfortable accommodation, great scenery, swimming pools, full bar, tasty food and top quality tours, activities and entertainment.

And what an adventure the project ended up becoming. Now most of Phong Nha’s community remember bit as being their idea.


Phong Nha Farmstay

Phong Nha Farmstay is a very unique experience. We are a lively, fun and relaxing guesthouse, an island of modern comforts in a rural setting. Our staff families and our extended family do have farmland where they grow rice, peanuts, bananas, sweet corn, cassava, pepper and more, and much of it is served to our guests. We are a unique accommodation model, set among a farming community.. Our guests are a very mixed bunch, people from all over the world have stayed with us since we opened, and many have become great friends as they explored the area and chatted over dinner together afterwards. Our staff is relaxed, young at heart, passionate about Vietnam- its people, culture and landscape – and proudly work hard to give you the best stay we can. We are not a cheap budget travel option like you can find in the more touristy centers of Vietnam; we are deep in the rural countryside still untouched by the negative effects of mass tourism.


Phong Nha Farmstay owners, Ben & Bich, also opened several other accommodation styles in Phong Nha Village through the years while dedicating themselves to build tourism in the area. From the backpacker hostel dorm style to luxury private villas, you can choose the right accommodation for you or your loved ones for this trip or for your next visit of the area.

Victory Road Villas

If exclusive luxury is what you require, Victory Road Villas is made for you. Located in the tourism Village of Son Trach, on the Son River with its 100 square meter private villas, our brand new luxury branch is set to cater the most amazing experience with its 7 stylish villas. They all are tastefully designed and decorated with a perfect blend between the Vietnamese lifestyle architecture and Heritage influenced theme, to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Easy Tiger

Being the first hostel to open in the village of Son Trach in 2013,, Easy Tiger has grown to cater every needs that a more budget friendly crowd might require while visiting the region. Dorm style accommodation, tour desk, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, ping pong table, pool table, hammock house, several happy hours during the evening, live music, morning introduction and information talk of the area… You name it!


This hostel is more on the chilled out side of the backpacker crowd. Without the effervescence that an on site bar/restaurant would provide, Shambalaa will provide you a more peaceful dorm style accommodation with excellent information and English speaking staff.

Capture Vietnam Restaurant & Coffee

This cafe has espresso coffee, homestyle baking, and interesting Western and Vietnamese meals. Bagels with smoked salmon, good pizza and Mediterranean-style antipasti all add up to the area’s most cosmopolitan spot. There’s also an attached deli section selling local souvenirs – try the Phong Nha beef jerky – and takeaway beer, wine and cider.

Capture Vietnam