3 days Tour – Transfer: Ho Chi Minh Trail, Hue, and Phong Nha


Phong Nha Farmstay motorbike tours

Tour cost:

RIDER – $543


Extra Costs:




Start – Danang / Hoi An
Finish – Phong Nha National Park
Pick up from Hotel at 7:30
Transfer to Hotel in Phong Nha at 17:00
Accommodation – All Inclusive (except alcohol)
Minimum: 2
Maximum: 16 each group
Approx. 740km

Onyabike adventure tours run from 8am every morning and we usually arrive to our destination between 4pm and 5pm. We allow lots of extra time, to ensure we never ride in the dark. The day is broken up with many stops for photos, drinks, lunch & sites of interest to visit, all-inclusive in the package.

Day 1
Danang / Hoi An to Hue

Approx. 250km
We’ll follow the Cam Le river out of the City into open countryside, then head up into winding mountain roads to see small hill tribe villages and untouched jungle.
Next is a ride north on the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail with sweeping bends through jungle-covered valleys and high mountains.
We’ll have a local style lunch in the A Shau Valley near the notorious Hamburger Hill, and then follow the curves and mountain passes down towards the coast
Finally, we’ll take the small back roads into Hue city, past the giant tombs of the last emperors of Vietnam and finish with a cold beer looking out over the city from the rooftop pool of our hotel.


Day 2
Hue to Lao Bao

Approx. 240km

Taking the small back roads out of Hue city, we’ll cross the beautiful Tam Giang lagoon before following the coast through small fishing villages and aqua-farming ponds.
We’ll then enjoy a local-style lunch at Vinh Moc and have a chance to visit the incredible underground tunnel network at Vinh Moc village. The entire village lived underground for 8 years to escape the American bombing! A truly amazing place.
Next, is a visit the 17th Parallel marker where you can see the famous Hien Luong bridge before taking Route 9 past the remains of many US Bases and into the mountains and cross the DMZ itself.
Then we’ll have a short ride to Lao Bao, where you can visit the local market and see all sorts of ‘questionable’ items that are to be found making their way across the border!
A cold beer awaits us at the hotel!

Day 3
Lao Bao to Phong Nha

Approx. 250km

The day starts with a visit to the Khe Sanh combat base. The longest battle of all the wars in Vietnam took place here and we can see tanks, helicopters, and planes still sitting on the runway as well as a small museum.
Next, we’ll join the Ho Chi Minh Trail West road. One of the best roads in Asia for bikers, this road should be on everyone’s bucket list.
We’ll then ride through the coffee plantations before climbing an 1100 meter mountain pass covered in untouched jungle.
in the seemingly endless mountains and jungle, you’ll find small wooden stilt house villages where the tribes live a peaceful, traditional lifestyle.
As we come to the start of the giant limestone Karst formation mountains we can stop for lunch in a small hill tribe town.
After carrying on through more mountains, more views and more amazing riding, we’ll finally enter Phong Nha National park, a UNESCO Heritage area of natural beauty. There, we’ll follow the historic Victory Road down to the river and finish at the hotel.