Phong Nha Riders

Phong Nha Riders are a team of locals that are on hand to use their significant local knowledge on the roads to keep you safe. Their mission is making sure  that you don’t get lost and to help you see the sights of the area safely. They will watch the road so that you can appreciate the scenery, take photos and enjoy the ride.

Most of the Phong Nha Riders used to work in the jungle before the National Park was established. Hunting, Timber cutting and collecting bombs to sell both the explosive and scrap metal components. These practices have become illegal now leaving these families without income. In 2014, Our business came up with an initiative, working with one such local timbercutter, a new way to earn a living while taking tourists to see the local area. It has been a great success and now provides incomes for many local families.

The Phong Nha Riders don’t speak a lot of English and they are not tour guides, but for a very reasonable price you can give them employment for the day and safely see the area at your leisure without being on a tour. A much safer option than renting a motorbike and riding yourself and it provides a days salary for a local family. Everyone’s a winner!

For a list of the many options these guys can provide, please email us or speak to our staff on arrival.

phong nha riders
Explorer Phong Nha with local riders