Motorbike Rental


These are written from Phong Nha heading south. They can simply be turned around however for coming up from the south. I have lived here in Central Vietnam for over a decade and I love motorcycles. If renting a motorcycle from Saigon, I recommend an XR150 or something to suit personal taste from Saigon Motorcycles.
If renting one from Hoi An, Danang or Hue, get an XR150 from Tigit or Motorvina. Motorvina has an office in Phong Nha.

2 days Danang – Not recommended.
3 days Danang

A) – Phong Nha – Khe Sanh – DMZ – Hue – Danang/Hoi An

The Ho Chi Minh Trail (West) running south from Phong Nha is epic. 240 km of winding mountain passes through dense jungle interspersed by small minority tribal villages. It’s the sort of thing that aI love and makes living here such a pleasure.
Staying in The San isn’t about the hotels and nightly entertainment. Sadly, The San really hasn’t got much going for it. Except the Museum. The Tacon Airbase or The San Combat Base as it was known during the 1967 and 68 battle here.It’s a must see.The scrap metal yards of The San too, are full of live and defused bombs and other memorabilia from the war. Definitely worth a look, but be careful. UXO is dangerous and technically illegal.Interesting though. Especially for the Instagram account.
From The San, we recommend you ride across Highway 9 to the Ben Hai River Museum and the Vinh Moc Tunnels, spending the afternoon riding down the coast to Thuan An Beach and into Hue. If your interested in History click here
From Hue, we recommend riding back out to Thuan An Beach and then down the coast to Lang Co and then over the High Van Danang/Hoi An.

B) – Phong Nha – Khe Sanh – A Luoi – Hue – Danang/Hoi An

This route is similar to Route A except the middle day stay on the HCMTrail to A Luoi and then turn left down the 49 into Hue. This route has less historical sights but is better for the rider. Beautiful riding road.

Ride it like a rental!
Ride it like a rental!

C) – Phong Nha – Khe Sanh – Prau – Danang/Hoi An

This itinerary is the same as Rout B as far as A Luoi where we suggest you simply stay on the HCM Trail as far south as Prau prior to cutting back east to Hoi An.