Challenging trekking & caving experiences

Challenging trekking and caving requires physical fitness. Tours include climbing stairs, swimming and walking on the rocky boulders and uneven and slippery ground. Some scrambling over rocks will require use of your hands.

7km Paradise Cave Trek

The 7km trek through Paradise Cave is a unique way to experience this spectacular cave. This tour takes you through the stunningly lit tourist section of the cave to the end of the boardwalk. Where your guide will open the gate for you to step down on to the cave floor and begin your caving adventure.
Explore the spectacular cave formations in the darkness with just the light of your head torch. Perhaps see the endemic eyeless cave fish, and marvel at the wonders of this huge passage that is 100m wide and 150m high in sections.
Then you will get to swim through a section of the cave (or take a boat if you can’t swim) before you explore more of this underground wonder and emerge into the light of the doline chamber. You will enjoy lunch underground, and if you are lucky be awed by the sunbeams that penetrate the cave on a sunny day.

Hang Vom trek

Hang Vom cave system is considered the greatest caving system in Vietnam and perhaps the world in terms of size and splendor. With 31.4km length, 124m height and 150m width. Paradise cave part of this system is one of the most visited cave in the area due to the beauty of its rock formations. While trekking to Vom you will go through dense primal jungle and rocky terrain to fulfil any avid trekkers. Once in the cave, stalactites, stalagmites, underground river, cave crab, geckos, cave crickets, sharp walls and muddy sand will be part of the adventure features.

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