From Phong Nha


Traveling by train

We always say that trains are the most convenient and safe way to travel across Vietnam. Trains running on the North-South railway, often referred to as the Reunification Express, stop at all major cities. Try to book a soft-sleeper cabin (4 beds/cabin) where you can easily stand up and sit down unlike to a hard-sleeper (6 beds/cabin).

Traveling by bus

Buses are the least of the ways we’d recommend traveling to or from Phong Nha. The buses suck. They are cramped, dirty, uncomfortable and most of the drivers are on drugs. The only people who catch the buses are locals that cannot afford better and ill-informed tourists. Yes, it is cheap, but it is cheap for a reason. We can help arrange bus tickets, but it’s not a good recommendation.

If you do want a bus, please mind the following:

  • Please print the voucher yourselves before checking-in if booked through the internet.
  • Bus departure/ arrival time can fluctuate due to traffic, so please arrive at the boarding point early (at least 1 hour before) and be flexible if you have transfers.
  • Meals are served in a stop (it’s a 20 min break-time) in the middle of your trip. Meals are not likely to be served between 20:00 and 07:00. You are responsible for taking your ticket to the driver or restaurant to be served.

Traveling by plane

Traveling by plane is definitely the most pleasant and fast way of getting from Phong Nha to elsewhere. For example, the flight time to Hanoi is only 1h 25m, but also don’t forget to take into account transfer time to and from the airport.

  • If you choose to fly out of Dong Hoi, you will either have to arrange a transfer or take a taxi.
  • By request, we can arrange daily pick up and drop off private transfers to and from Dong Hoi airport.

Phong Nha to Dong Hoi

Public bus from Phong Nha to Dong Hoi – The bus departs from Phong Nha just outside of Easy Tiger on Main St. beginning at 05:30 am and then running until 5 pm with the following schedule: 06:00, 07:10, 08:10, 09:10, 10:10,11:10,13:10,14:10,15:10, 16:10, 17:00

Taxi from Phong Nha to Dong Hoi – One of the easier and more convenient ways to get around for sure. Total time takes approximately one hour to reach the city center, a very ideal way to travel if you’ve woken up late and need to catch a flight or train.

Private transfer: The premier way to get to/from when you’ve pre-arranged everything ahead of time and you’re with a group of people. From Phong Nha to Dong Hoi it takes approximately 1 hour total and costs roughly 650k Vnd and is ideal for groups of 4 or more.

Phong Nha to Hanoi (Dong Hoi to Hanoi)

TRAIN from Dong Hoi (closest station to Phong Nha) to Hanoi

Cost: 650-700k NVD for 2nd class sleeper
Travel time: 10 hours

If you plan on traveling to Hanoi, on the same evening that you complete your tour in Phong Nha, we recommend you to take the SE2 departing at 19.20. You will need to book a private transfer from Phong Nha to Dong Hoi, ahead of time.

We recommend the following overnight trains from Dong Hoi to Ha Noi:

Train No





7:20 PM
06:28 PM
05:30 AM

04:50 AM

We recommend the following DAYTIME train from Dong Hoi to Ha Noi:

Train No



SE6 08:27 AM 07:20 PM

You can check the train schedule via the Vietnam Railway official website, 12asia.go or to book your train tickets in advance.

BUS from Phong Nha to Hanoi (or Dong Hoi to Hanoi)

Cost: 300k VND
Travel time: 9h 30m

If traveling North from Phong Nha, we can help you arrange a ticket when you are here. Or if you want to arrange in advance, a friend of ours has this website

Hung Thanh Bus company from Phong Nha to Hanoi

  • Can be booked on or by Tel: +84 24 3633 7575
  • Departs from Easy Tiger Hostel, Highway 20, Phong Nha, Sơn Trạch, Quảng Bình Province
  • Arrives at 1 Trần Khánh Dư, Bạch Đằng, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

Camel Travel Bus from Phong Nha to Hanoi

  • Can be booked on, by Tel: +84 24 8585 0555 or through us.

Queen Cafe Bus from Phong Nha to Hanoi

  • Can be booked on
  • Departs from Central Backpackers Hostel, Xuân Tiến, Phong Nha, Bố Trạch, Quảng Bình.
  • Arrives at 208 Trần Quang Khải, Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội.

Hoang Long Bus Company from Dong Hoi to Hanoi

  • Can be booked on
  • Departs from Dong Hoi Hoang Long.
  • Arrives at Hanoi Nuoc Ngam Station.
  • All buses of Hoang Long are a long journey, a bus will stop in fixed locations and continue the trip until the final point, so please kindly pay high attention when to be dropped off.

Plane from Dong Hoi to Hanoi

Cost: $60-$100
Travel time: 1h 25m + getting to and from the airport in Dong Hoi and Hanoi

  • If you choose to fly, then you will have to book a transfer from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha.
  • We arrange daily pick up and drop off private transfers to and from Dong Hoi airport, Phong Nha’s aviation gateway, located 40 mins away, by request.

Phong Nha to Ninh Binh

TRAIN from Phong Nha to Ninh Binh

Cost: 500k VND for 2nd class sleeper
Travel time: 8 hours

The train is worth every Vnd spent as it actually gives you a chance to sleep.

Train No






00:52 AM

05:21 AM

08:35 AM

09:23 AM

13:34 PM

16:53 PM

On Vietnam Railways there are a few types of cabins:

  • 1st Class Sleepers that have four (4) ‘soft’ beds per cabin.
  • 2nd Class Sleepers that have six (6) hard beds per cabin.
  • VIP Sleepers with 2 beds per cabin are available ONLY on the privately run railway cars.

You can order your tickets on and receive them in the email.

  1. You may not receive your ticket ‘instantly’ if your order is placed on weekends or after business hours and is non-urgent. You will still receive your receipt immediately so don’t worry about that.
  2. As you see, it takes time to process the ticket so it’s better to book in advance.
  3. With your e-ticket, you may either print it or show it on your smartphone/tablet at the gate to board the train.

BUS from Phong Nha to Ninh Binh

Cost: 275k VND
Travel time: 12 hours

Hung Thanh Bus Company

  • This bus departs at 9:00 PM and arrives to Ninh Binh at 4:00 AM.
  • You can buy tickets in Phong Nha at Hung Thanh Bus Office, located at Capture Vietnam Café, (next to Easy Tiger Hostel).
  • Among all the bus companies, we recommend this one.

Hoan Long Bus company can be booked on

  • Bus pick up point is at 287 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh.
  • Drop-off point at Military Gasoline Station, QL1A, Ninh Phong ward, Ninh Binh.
  • There are 4-night busses and 2-day busses in operation.
  • Print out your voucher before check in.

How to get to the South of Vietnam from Phong Nha?

Phong Nha to Hue

TRAIN from Phong Nha to Hue

Cost:200k VND for soft seats
Travel time: 3 hours + 1hr30min public bus ride (70000Vnd)

The train doesn’t go directly from Phong Nha, so you’ll have to take the public bus from the front of Easy Tiger to Dong Hoi. Then you’ll be able to take a comfortable 3-hour train ride south to Hue.

BUS from Phong Nha to Hue

Cost: 150k VND + depending on what company you take
Travel time: 4hrs

If you’re looking for the most affordable and direct route possible and in the fastest amount of time, we’d recommend this for you. You shouldn’t have to pay more than 250k VND…if you are then you’re paying too much!

Private car from Phong Nha to Hue

Cost: 2,500,000 VND
Travel time: 3-4hrs

The ultimate way to travel up here if you’ve got the money and resources. We would recommend this if you’re traveling in a group of 5 or more and would like to have your space!

DMZ transfer tour to Hue

For those who is interested in history and the demilitarized zone (DMZ), we can provide a packaged 1/2 day transit trip to Hue through the DMZ on your way down to Hue or Hoi An which can include stopping at Ninh Mac Tunnels and the Ben Hai River Museum. This tour leaves Farmstay at 7.25am daily and costs 500,000VND. Arrives in Hue in time for you to have a late lunch and go see the citadel. Book when you are at Farmstay. Sadly it only operates in a southerly direction and isn’t available heading from Hue to Phong Nha.

DMZ Private transfer to Hue

Interested in history and the demilitarized zone (DMZ), but don’t want the 7.15am bus heading south, or are heading north from Hue? We can provide a packaged trip through the DMZ on your way down to or from your hotel in Hue or Hoi An which can include:

1) The Vinh Moc Tunnels and the Ben Hai River Museum.

2) MAG/Renew UXO (Unexploded Ordinance) information centre in Dong Ha City

3) The ruins of Quang Tri Citadel

4) La Vang and Long Hung Churches on the DMZ

5) The Hai Van Pass (to and from Da Nang only)

How to get to Da Nang (or to Hoi An) from Phong Nha?

TRAIN from Phong Nha to Da Nang/Hoi An

Cost: 250K – 300k Vnd for soft seats
Travel time: 6 hours

You can catch the train in Dong Hoi City, which is only about a 45/50-minute drive away. The train offers strikingly beautiful scenic views and is far more comfortable than the madness on the buses. Best trains leave Dong Hoi early morning and arrive 6 hours later in the early afternoon in Da Nang. Then, you can use “Grab App” to call a taxi and get a fair price to your destination if it’s that far or you can choose to walk. If your final destination is Hoi An you can opt to take the public bus #1 or take a 45-minute taxi ride to the center of town.

BUS from Phong Nha to Da Nang/Hoi An

Cost:270k VND (sleeper bus)
Travel time: 7 – 8 hours

While we don’t usually recommend buses for all the reasons we have listed in the past, we do recommend the sleeper bus to Da Nang/ Hoi An, if and only “IF” you’ve got to save time. This bus will take you right to the center of the town and best of all you can get some rest after you’ve been hiking around Phong Nha all day. This is for all the travelers coming through that are on a strict time schedule, allowing them to get some rest.

Private car from Phong Nha to Da Nang/Hoi An

Cost:3,250,000 VND (140usd)
Travel time: 7 hours

This the price listed for approximately a 3 person and 2 bag sedan. Anything more than that and the price will go up with each addition whether it’s a person or extra baggage. It’s a long ride so if you’ve got the resources to do so, this is one of the more convenient and comfier forms of transportation to Da Nang and Hoi An.

How to get to Hue/Hoi An/Da Nang by MOTORBIKE from Phong Nha?

I love motorbikes, especially that they are so affordable and accessible in Vietnam. It’s a cracking way to see any part of the world and it so much fun. Motorbiking in Vietnam gives the rider freedom not experienced by other guests. En route to Phong Nha, you’ll pass incredible central Vietnam history such as the Vinh Moc Tunnels, Ben Hai River, Khe Sanh Combat Base and Hien Luong Bridge History Museum.  Between Khe Sanh and Phong Nha, it’s far more scenic than the high van pass and still off the beaten path at the moment.  While the hotels in Khe Sanh are unremarkable, it’s not the reason you’re visiting there. It’s the scenery that’s out there and the adventure that comes along with it. The real Vietnam. It’s a 2-day trip with narrow and winding roads making it dangerous if you’re an inexperienced rider. If you’re not competent, we’d recommend you hopping on the back of a licenced local motorbike guide, taking in the scenery from the back safe’n’sound. Onyabike Adventures operates these one-way tours as do local Vietnamese bike riders, who work with us, booked through us.

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