Getting here & there

Depending which destination you are coming from before heading to the Farmstay or going to after staying with us, there is multitude ways of getting the best of your journey. This little guide below will help to comprehend your options for travelling to and from us and around Vietnam. If any assistance is needed for bus or train booking, we can help advise you through email exchange prior your arrival and right at our reception desk while staying with us. Our experienced staff would love to help

Note that all the options below can be used on your way to us or after staying with us in either direction.


Local Bus

Departs regularly, is very cheap but takes around 90 minutes. It can take you from the road a few minutes walk from The Farmstay or from Dong Hoi bus station (Ben xe ben ly)
The bus departs from/to Phong Nha 05h30, 06h00 and then every hour until 17h00
Ask us for more information and a map for taking the local bus at the reception desk or by email prior your arrival.



Private transfer

We can arrange a car or minivan to take you to Dong Hoi. The cost of the transfer is shared by the number of people.
The price of transfer, between Dong Hoi and The Farmstay, per person is:
1 passenger – 500,000vnd each
2 passengers – 250,000vnd each
3 passengers – 170,000vnd each
4 or more passengers – 125,000vnd each

We always try to get more people in the car if departing at the same time to make it cheaper and to utilise our infustructure more effectively. In order to assist, we’ll need the details of how and when you depart or arrive, including your flight number or train number. Please confirm with us once you have bought your tickets. Please let us know in case there are any delays to your plane or train.



Local taxis

There are more taxis available in Dong Hoi now and competition is bringing the prices down. Barter them down to between 400,000vnd and 500,000vnd. Local taxis have been known to ask for between 600,000vnd and 1,000,000vnd in the past, sometimes even after agreeing to a lower price, so make sure you clearly agree a reasonable price before you set out. It is far easier to arrange a car from us where the driver will know where he is going and the price is fixed. Note that as yet there is no taxi companies operating from Phong Nha village.


The easiest way of getting between Phong Nha and Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City is to fly to and from Dong Hoi. Vietnam Airlines and Vietjetair operate flights from Hanoi daily and they can be very reasonably priced when booked in advance.
Here are the websites:
We can help with transfers between Dong Hoi and Phong Nha.


An overnight train from Dong Hoi is a reasonable way to get to Hanoi. You can see the train times and availabilities at This is the official website of Vietnam Railways but as yet, they do not allow payment with non-vietnamese credit cards. To make advance bookings with overseas credit cards, book at They are a travel agent and will take a fee but they are reliable. Book all trains to and from DONG HOI, NOT DONG HA, then either take the local bus or organize a transfer with us.



Most often the cheapest (not the best) way of getting from Phong Nha to Hanoi, Ninh Binh, or Hai Phong is by sleeper bus.
“Sleeper bus,” An oxymoron with a similar strength to “Military Intelligence”.
This term describes the near death experience of a large steel and glass encasement with passengers stacked 3 deep in coffin like arrangements, hurtling down the highway with its lights on high beam running all in it’s path off, the said highway. All going well you are unceremoniously ejected on the street often at uncivilized hours, shaken but not broken in Son Trach village wondering why the hell you decided to take the “sleeper bus”.
It can often require a full day in bed to recover your senses and be able to function like a human being again. The nearly flat coffins are honestly too small for most adult sized humans and the entire experience could be compared to some sort of well thought out torture for condemned prisoners.
All the same, If you choose to take the bus, we suggest the Hung Thanh bus company as it has been found to be the most consistent in its products and services. If you do decide to come by this method, we can arrange pick you up off the bus.




Hung Thanh bus departs from Phong Nha village. We can then arrange a transfer to get you there from the Farmstay, which is about 10km out. There are other bus companies that run the same route such as Camel or Queen Café. The departure is either at 4am or 7am and would take 4 hours to reach Hue. Leaves Hue heading North at about 4pm.

Tan Nhat bus departs from Phong Nha village. We can then arrange a transfer to get you there from the Farmstay, which is about 10km out. There are other bus companies that run the same route. The departure is at 3pm and would take 4 hours to reach Hue in the late afternoon.

DMZ bus (our pick) can pick you up from the Farmstay and will drive through the heart of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and make you visit Vinh Moc Tunnels and Ben Hai River Museum. The journey lasts about 7 hours and costs 500,000VND per person.
Currently not available in a northwards direction without prior booking through the Farmstay and subject to other conditions..

The local bus The “Phuc Vu” bus departs from the Farmstay at 5.30am and costs 150,000VND. This is a local bus and we have no control over it. It is cheap and fairly fast (when it goes on time and doesn’t break down) as it takes about 5 hours. Return trip leaves Hue at 12:30pmish from The North Hue Bus Station. Email us for more details.


A private car to/from Hue to the Farmstay costs 2,650,000vnd for up to 4 people and can be arranged by emailing us and we can arrange stops along the at the Vinh Moc Tunnels and the Ben Hai River museum. If you travel with 5 or more people the car (a 15 seater) will cost 3,200,000VND.
A private car to/from Da Nang/Hoi An from the Farmstay costs between 4,600,000 and 5,000,000vnd depending on the number of people and your dropping point in Da Nang and or Hoi An. Private cars can be arranged simply at our reception desk, and we can also arrange stops along the way such as the Vinh Moc Tunnels, Ben Hai River museum and the Hai Van Pass.

Warning Though, Da Nang/ Hoi An is a long day in a car.

Cars can be arranged in either direction.


For a bit of adventure, you could also do a multi day motorbike tour through some fabulous scenery on the old Ho Chi Minh trails to get to Hue.
You sit on the back of a professional and they safely take you on a memorable 2 day ride between Hue and Phong Nha. Your big bags can be sent on ahead of you by bus. You take an overnight bag.

Taking in the very best of remote and historical central Vietnam. An area full of surprizes and luckily, largely overlooked by the increasing mainstream tourism, pouring into the region. Khe Sanh, Vinh Moc Tunnels, Minority Villages, museums and dense Jungle scenery. Some local food specialties thrown in and you will have had a few hard to beat days.

Please Contact us to learn about the unique tours available along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We’d love to share our inside knowledge. It is possible booking to ride yourself, depending on ability and licences.