Other Activities

In addition to the organised tours, there are many activities available at and around the farmstay:
  • Explore Phong Nha Cave by boat from the boat station in Phong Nha.
  • See the spectacular jungle scenery & fascinating limestone formations of the karst mountains.
  • Take a walk in the jungle of the Botanic Gardens and swim in the waterfall
  • Observe the varied wild life - you may even come across a troop of rare Black Langur monkeys.
  • Ride a bicycle along the winding tracks weaving through the rice paddy fields and through tiny quaint villages where you can stop to interact with the friendly locals, visit local markets & swim in the clear streams nearby.
  • Take a ride out to the "Pub with Cold Beer" in Bong Lai for the freshest chicken lunch, the best peanut sauce in the word (probably) and as the name suggests, cold beer! Relax in a hammock with a view over the countryside and interact with this local family.
  • Learn about the history of the American War and visit the memorial sites that the locals hold sacred.
  • Observe traditional farming activities including ploughing with buffalo and rice harvesting, when seasonally available.
Thang’s Phong Nha Riders
Every Day. Prices start at 400,000 dependent on itinerary.
Please book by 8pm the day before

If you wish to explore the area unguided, but don’t like the idea of hiring a scooter (and if you aren’t experienced then we don’t recommend it), then hiring a couple of Thang’s licenced Vietnamese scooter drivers to take you around is a great idea. His aim was to offer a unique day out to visitors, and help employ some local people at the same time, people who may have been out in the jungle poaching or wood collecting, but don’t speak good english. These people know the area, know the roads, know the road rules, and now you have the chance to jump on the back of their motorbike, and be taken to wherever you wish! They can offer trips round the park, trips to Bong Lai village (the Pub with Cold Beer and the Wild Boar Eco Farm - see below), trips to the beach, and even longer distance trips to Khe San or Hue. Just let Thang know, and his Riders can help! Please email us or call for more information.

News and Events
  • Please make tour and accommodation bookings by email as we don't use booking engines. We'll send you a free info pack! Email to enquire
  • The biggest cave in the world is here in Phong Nha. Read about the 2011 discovery! Read more...
  • 7km Underground Trek through Paradise Cave (Thien Duong) is now operating the full 7km trek for the summer
  • Happy hour at the Farmstay every day from 5:30pm for sunset! 2 for the price of 1 on Tiger Draught and Gin & Tonic
  • Free bicycle tours run daily on demand to Baong Lai Valley or Phong Nha Cave
  • Want to see the national park from a motorbike and sidecar? Available from the Farmstay!
  • New tours in the National Park include Tra Ang Cave and Ma Da Valley!