What to expect

Phong Nha Farmstay is a very unique experience. We are a lively, fun and relaxing guesthouse, an island of modern comforts in a rural setting. Our staff families and our extended family do have farmland where they grow rice, peanuts, bananas, sweet corn, cassava, pepper and more, and much of it is served to our guests. We are a unique accommodation model, set among a farming community.. Our guests are a very mixed bunch, people from all over the world have stayed with us since we opened, and many have become great friends as they explored the area and chatted over dinner together afterwards. Our staff is relaxed, young at heart, passionate about Vietnam- its people, culture and landscape – and proudly work hard to give you the best stay we can. We are not a cheap budget travel option like you can find in the more touristy centers of Vietnam; we are deep in the rural countryside still untouched by the negative effects of mass tourism.