Bong Lai Valley

Bong Lai Valley is a fantastic rural valley interspersed with farms and small villages. There are now a number of attractions in the Valley making it a great relaxing day or half day out in the countryside.

The” Pub with Cold Beer” is the original watering spot in the valley for thirsty tourists. The beer is, as advertised, cold, and everything you eat there is grown in the village. Chicken is the specialty of this farm to table experience, with chicken is so fresh that when you arrive it will still be scratching around the veggie patch! While you wait for your lunch to cook you can rent a tube off them and float down the river, just lie in a hammock with a cold beer or you can get as involved as you like with the preparation of your chicken. The “Pub with Cold Beer” has been praised by the Huffington Post and the New York Times travel sections.

If you want to get further off the beaten track, head a few more adventurous kilometres down the dirt track of Bong Lai valley from the “Pub with Cold Beer” to the Wild Boar Eco Farm. In the same spirit of the pub with cold beer, they serve cold beer and delicious freshly cooked pork and other options, but in a more rural setting with views over the river. This is a great spot to swim or hang out in the huge Vietnamese house that Mr Cuong built.

Moi Moi Restaurant is a friendly spot that also offers some fantastic food options in a rural setting in the Bong Lai Valley, located on a small farm that grows pepper, watermelons, cassava, corn and other crops.

Stop in at the Duck Stop on your way back from the Pub with Cold Beer for a last bit of refreshment and feed the ducks for some great photos! Pick up some Phong Nha Black Pepper while you are there.

Getting there:
The Bong Lai Valley is best seen on a bicycle or motorbike. Take a bike, rent a motorbike in town or head out easy-rider style on the back of a bike with a licenced diver for a stress free and safe way to travel.

It is possible to see some parts of the valley by car, jeep or Ural motorbike and sidecar, and there is also sometimes a boat that runs to the Pub. Just ask us when you are here!

There are no entrance fees to any places in Bong Lai Valley. It is best seen during the day so that you return before it gets dark.

See reception for a free mud map of the area and get out and explore!

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